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1. Door leaf

Easy-to-fasten door leaf for hall doors etc.
Available in all standard colours and materials.
- width 1250 mm
- height of the profile 1.5 mm

2. Transparent plate

Available for almost all Weckman corrugated steel sheets. Transparent plates are made of polyester, strengthened with fibreglass
- semi-clear
- standard length 2900 mm

3. Anti-condensation coating

The Weckman anti-condensation coating gives effective protection against moisture gathering under the roof profile. No extra underlayer for roof sheeting is required. The roof angle must be over 10°. The material is PES felt glued under the roof sheet during the manufacturing process. Absorbancy of the Weckman anti-condensation coating is 900 g/m² (water) when the sheet is in horizontal position.

Anti-condensation coating is available for the following profiles:
- W-20R/1100
- W-45ER/1000
- W-45R/900
- W-70/900
- W-115/750

4. Plain sheet

Plain sheets can be cut according to customer specification: plain sheets and coils of various sizes. Available in standard colours, materials and thicknesses.

5. Lightweight purlins

Lightweight purlins are light steel constructions.

Purlins are delivered tailor-made and perforated if needed. Quick and easy installation. Lightweight purlins are made of coldformed hot zinc-coated steel sheet rolls. Crosscut of the purlin is C or Z profile.

- thickness of raw material 1.0-2.5 mm
- heights 100-250 mm

6. Wall cassettes

Wall cassettes are mainly used in big industrial halls. They are made of hot zinc-coated or coated steel sheet rolls.
- height of the cassette 598 mm
- depths of the cassette 100 or 125 mm
- thickness of raw material 0.7-1.5 mm

Crosscut of the cassette is B or C profile