Yearly check-up of steel sheet surfaces.




1. Condition of coating, chalking, eventual superficial discoloration or cracking, especially where rain can't wash the plate clean.

Check if the roof needs any of the following: washing, cleaning, maintenance painting to prevent corrosion at the cut edges and a total repaint.

2. Keeping the rainwater systems clear. Blockages cause corrosion and may create a danger of water running inside the building.

Remove all rubbish with a brush. Otherwise moisture and corrosion will spread into the roofing materials.

3. Clean the roof surfaces. Blockages cause corrosion.

Clean the roof surfaces. Allow the surface to dry well.
4. Possible damages of colour surfaces increase the risk of corrosion. The colour surfaces should be checked in new buildings, too.
Choose the repair or maintenance painting. In cases where existing coatings are extensively flaky or there is widespread rusting on the roof, it is often more economical to replace the roof sheets with new ones.
5. Any metal shavings, fasteners and other metal objects must be carefully removed as they scratch the coating and cause corrosion.
Remove all metal shavings and metal objects.
6. Defective or wrongly installed fasteners cause leakings and corrosion.
Change all incorrect fasteners. If the fasteners have been damaged, change for a more durable kind.
7. Corrosion at the cut edges and the eaves of the steel sheets. Corrosion can spread in the roof if the roof is not maintenance-painted in time.
Clean the damaged eaves and paint with a proper type of paint for repainting and repairs.
The fixing and repainting paints are shown in the tables below:

Maintenance paints for coated steel sheets

Types of coatings Maintenance paint
PVDF Vopseaua de retus
Pural Plaston
Poliester mat Repco, Plaston
Poliester Repco, Plaston
Plastisol Repco, Kirjo Aqua
Repainting of old coated steel sheets.

  • The coating's adhesion must be carefully checked.
  • Remove the old coat which has peeled off.
  • Remove all rust.
  • Wash the surfaces with Peltipesu or Panssaripesu.
  • Rinse carefully.
  • Prime pealed-off surfaces with Rostex Super or Galvex
  • Paint the top coat 1-2 times.

  • PVDF Temakeep + Repco
    Pural Repco (*)
    Mattapolyesteri Repco (*)
    Polyesteri Repco (*)
    Plastisol Repco or Aqua
    (*) Temakeep priming is recommended.